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to speak at the united nations general assembly. president obama addressed the assembly this morning. he focused on several global issues but also on u.s. interest in the middle east. he said the wars in iraq and afghanistan are coming to an end with u.s. forces being substantially cut by the end of the year. the president stressed there could be no shortcut to peace between israelis and palestinians. >> a 14-year-old boy faces criminal charges for allegedly china a laser pointer at a state police helicopter. the helicopter was flying near eastern boulevard after 11:00 last night in search of a suicidal person the teen pointed the light at the cockpit more than once. he was arrested shortly after and faces a host of charges including reckless endangerment and assented second-degree assault on police. the state police say the aviation command has exported more than half a dozen laser incidents so far this year. >> the search is on for the person who opened fire near a blues -- busy playground in waverly. the 30-year-old victim has died per the shooting left an entire never been shaken up.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1